Celebration of Human Rights

The ultimate “USA How To” would be to figure out a way how to have peace across the world. Greetings from “USA How To” UDHR is an acronym that stands for the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Representatives of all cultural backgrounds came together to write the UDHR and what was written was of monumental importance. Essentially, the document consists of a preamble as well as 30 articles covering several different aspects of the celebration of human rights.

Human Rights Day

Today, December 10, is Human Rights Day and a time when areas explored to bring us together that include rights to equality such as life/liberty/personal security, innocence until proven guilty, marriage and family, owning of property, rest and leisure and education just to name a few.


Especially in these times in which America currently has a clashing of values, it is vital that we look to these rights and hopefully use them as a starting place to come together. Rights of freedom represent things that we as human being are free from. This includes discrimination, slavery, torture and being protected from arbitrary arrests and exile.