There’s a new kind of teamwork in the world of “How To.” In many instances, online education does not require a number of people to produce, the era of one person, many jobs, is coming alive.

If you are not yet aware of the currently nonexistent website known as METHOD HOW, you might not understand what I am talking about exactly. In some ways “USA How To,” the very site where you are reading this post, was an inspiration to the creation of METHOD HOW. What do METHOD HOW and “USA How To” have in common? The link they have that is most obvious is that both teach you how to do things.

Another aspect they share it that not only do they create the educational materials themselves, but because the website of each is important to them doing what they do, they both are involved with distribution, because people come to each site, usually to learn something, and hopefully do so.

Ironically though, as of putting down these words you are reading right now, METHOD HOW does not yet really have a website. While we type this, that you are now reading, there are a couple of pages, regarding a METHOD HOW to do things, and that is pretty much it. But there are also a lot of plans for the website, including doing some things in a manner that is similar to this site.

But do not worry that METHOD HOW is going to disrupt, USA How To.” Thanks to what was originally referred to as the Corona Virus, more and more people are flocking online to educate themselves on one thing or another, which means there is a lot to go around. The fact is we not only spend a lot more of time on the web now than we did Pre COVID, but much of the new internet time utilized involves new ways of learning.

So maybe we should get back to the topic of “USA How To” and METHOD HOW, once there is more material to take a look like?! In the meantime, NYC Workshops is taking a stab at it.