This website was originally conceived as a place that had useful information on the process of creating nonfiction step by step educational materials that helped Americans to be more successful in the challenging times, we live in.

Issues we face include COVID, Inflation and the major challenges being experienced in Ukraine. A lot of pain is being seen in our country and internationally. It could be said that in these days of challenges across the country, this is possibly an inappropriate time to be telling jokes or or getting involved with comedy. The notion being that tragedy is not a time to make fun of things. This we believe is true, and yet…

Does humor work in the sales message? Is there such a thing as going too far? How can you draw in the audience while both making them laugh plus simultaneously getting across your brand message?

Humor can walk the fine line between making someone both laugh as well as taking in the brand message. It is important that the style of the humor uses is relatable to the individual who is watching your commercial. I

If you use humor that is not the kind of comedy that the target audience enoys and resonates with, it is all for not.

Using music in advertising can be an effective way to get out your message. A song with lyrics that are funny, is an effective strategy to be certain that your message ticks in someone’s head.

If there is a chorus that is a synopsis of the message being conceived can even turn a spot to be sung along to. In other words, music that has silly lyrics that can go on repeatedly in our minds.

Music in advertising with humor can sometimes be especially impactful if the topic itself is absurd and even edgy. People laugh at incongruous situations.

Music in humor that verges on shocking is an approach that if targeted at the the right audience for the tune’s category and lyrics, can really hit the spot with members. Also, if it is a perfect match for the market, music comedy pieces have been known to go viral.

But if when revealing your message as an advertiser, it is is too overbearing or has something shocking that is too intense the venture could backfire.

Also use your gut when you gage if comedy, music or otherwise, is the right match. If you know and understand your audience, you will make the right choice, even in a world in crisis.