Waiting and Waiting, plus Wondering if “Creative But Broke” is the Right Title?

Yes, I confess, a part of me is waiting with anticipation to find out if my friend decides to try out the “Creative but Broke” strategy. “Creative but Broke” is the secret name I am using to name the strategy. I did not tell this to my friend because he might think that giving him a strategy called “Creative but Broke” was implying that I thought he was broke.

Are You Creative?

Quite frankly I think everyone is creative. Imagination, which every human being I have ever met has had, is proof (in my opinion) that creativity exists in all of us. Though, there are people who at least verbally, have said that they are not creative at all. Which brings up an interesting question.

“Do you consider yourself creative?”

The Answer is in How You Perceive Yourself

Some people full out say they do not have a creative bone in their body, while on the other side of the fence there are folks who embrace, even tout, their creativity.

Defining “Creativity”

Of course, I had to run to the dictionary. They have been around since 1828, so I tend to trust Merriam-Webster. They define creativity as being “the ability to create.” Then I checked in on the word “create” for which there were 4 usages, but the top one was “to bring into existence.”

Combining Two Definitions

So, merging the two definitions together makes a possible version of what creativity could be: “the ability to bring into existence.” Not very scientific, but hopefully helpful none the less. Oh, and a side note is that the first recorded of the use of the term “creativity” was in 1875 which is 47 years after Merriam-Webster was created (pun intended).

Creativity Vs. Hustle

One of the things I thought about while creating the “Creative but Broke” 9 Step Strategy was deciding between two words as being the key ingredient that you need to succeed. If being a celebrity means that you are successful (which I do not think it does), then which of these two words do you need the most: “Creativity” or “Hustle?” Especially if you are talking about show business, or fine arts etc., one might think that “Creativity” is needed most because it is closely wed with “talent.”

Watching Metamorphoses from “Behind-the-Scenes”

Decades ago, I had a unique opportunity. It was to view celebrities (the show biz kind) from an insider’s perspective, and I saw things that are usually not publicly shown. Being someone who is fascinated by psychology, motivation, drive, determination, focus, follow through and of course, strategy, I people watched for around three years. My point of view was usually from the sidelines, but sometimes I interacted as well.

Thinking About My Observations those Many Years Ago Brought Up a Question

I was even able to observe firsthand, the fascinating process of a select few go from being “nobodies” to blasting up into the stratosphere thereby transforming into “stars.” Some of them have crashed to the Earth since then, while others still glisten in the night sky. The purpose of bringing this up of course relates to the question: “which of the two are more important to making it: creativity or hustle?”