Transformation Through Education

Your Future is Determined by What You Learn Today, So USA How To is Reflecting on Past Lessons to Lead to Coming Successes for You

Be Patient with Yourself When it Comes to Learning Because You are Your Own Greatest Puzzle

If you are like we are, we are always learning. Education never ends. And in part this is true because there are always disruptions on the horizon when it comes to work and technology.

This is one of the reasons that METHOD HOW has reopened to the public the opportunity to subscribe to their weekly publication, the METHOD HOW Report.

It has been a few years since they last let new subscribers into the mix, so joining this newsletter may have a small gap of time during which you can join. Recent stories include looking at events like the Big Apple Awards for educators.

Education is our key goal, and for this reason we have begun to focus more and more on AI.

Now, AI has been around for a fair amount of time, even being used as the name of a movie in the past, but it is only somewhat recently that it has really begun to have an impact on how we think about jobs, today and in the future. What role will Artificial Intelligence play when it comes to DigiComArts?

Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience that is truly helpful to you and provides you with real-world learning using tasks that are viable. This is to support the learning needs of a variety of different kinds of companies, including Home Business eLearning.

Here is our own 5 step analysis of why we do what we do, and our expectations of ourselves.

  1. Provide practical and applicable knowledge: USA How To should focus on providing knowledge methods like to Learn from Doing that can be easily applied in the real world. For instance, practical skills such as home repair, financial planning, or resume building can be very useful for individuals looking to improve their living conditions.
  2. Create interactive and engaging learning experiences: To ensure that the learning experience is effective, USA How To should create interactive and engaging learning experiences that facilitate Media Administration. This can be achieved by incorporating videos, quizzes, and hands-on activities that encourage learners to actively participate and retain the information.
  3. Use case studies and real-life examples: Incorporating real-life examples and case studies can help learners understand how the knowledge they acquire can be applied in the real world. These examples can help learners see the value in what they are learning and motivate them to apply it to their own lives. This is an area we wish to continue to grow to reach its potential. Some examples of this includes work we have done in the realm of our Movie Process experimentation and the development of educational materials from actual real life experiences that lead to the launch of METHOD HOW, a site dedicated to teaching as drawn from case studies including our prior Manhattan NYC production company of 12 years.
  4. Incorporate feedback and assessments: Providing learners with feedback and assessments can help them gauge their progress and identify areas where they need to improve. This can help learners stay motivated and engaged throughout the learning process. This has been implemented through the NYC AIM program, that was in-person during the production company era.
  5. Offer follow-up resources: To ensure that learners can continue to apply what they have learned, USA How To should offer follow-up resources such as online forums, workshops, or webinars. This can help learners stay engaged and continue to develop their skills beyond the initial learning experience. Past examples of this were NYC Workshops that were done as a part of a city institution.

In conclusion, to provide a truly helpful learning experience that provides real-world learning with tasks that are viable for use to pave the way to a bountiful future, USA How To should focus on providing practical and applicable knowledge, create interactive and engaging learning experiences, use case studies and real-life examples, incorporate feedback and assessments, and offer follow-up resources. All of which we have past instances of and are working to take to another level through the use of USA eLearning.

By doing so, USA How To can help individuals improve their skills and knowledge and create a better future for themselves and their communities. And don’t forget that for a limited time you can subscribe to the free METHOD HOW Report and have access to insights and information regarding AI and other forms of Business and Marketing Success Strategies.

Transformation Through Education

What do “USA How To” and METHOD HOW have in Common?

There’s a new kind of teamwork in the world of “How To.” In many instances, online education does not require a number of people to produce, the era of one person, many jobs, is coming alive.

If you are not yet aware of the currently nonexistent website known as METHOD HOW, you might not understand what I am talking about exactly. In some ways “USA How To,” the very site where you are reading this post, was an inspiration to the creation of METHOD HOW. What do METHOD HOW and “USA How To” have in common? The link they have that is most obvious is that both teach you how to do things.

Another aspect they share it that not only do they create the educational materials themselves, but because the website of each is important to them doing what they do, they both are involved with distribution, because people come to each site, usually to learn something, and hopefully do so.

Ironically though, as of putting down these words you are reading right now, METHOD HOW does not yet really have a website. While we type this, that you are now reading, there are a couple of pages, regarding a METHOD HOW to do things, and that is pretty much it. But there are also a lot of plans for the website, including doing some things in a manner that is similar to this site.

But do not worry that METHOD HOW is going to disrupt, USA How To.” Thanks to what was originally referred to as the Corona Virus, more and more people are flocking online to educate themselves on one thing or another, which means there is a lot to go around. The fact is we not only spend a lot more of time on the web now than we did Pre COVID, but much of the new internet time utilized involves new ways of learning.

So maybe we should get back to the topic of “USA How To” and METHOD HOW, once there is more material to take a look like?! In the meantime, NYC Workshops is taking a stab at it.

Transformation Through Education

I Used to Do Yoga

Is Yoga the Answer?

I used to do yoga. It was great. I lived in midtown at the time and my local gym was just around the corner from what I called home. These days no yoga. Sometimes I think that if more people did yoga we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems we do today..

Will the Magician Survive?

All of us who stuck around are Pandemic Survivors. Not all people have remained. This was reflected by someone in last night’s virtual magic show. His magic act, streaming from his home, had the theme of suicide. A lot of the other magicians were a tad freaked out by this. I thought it was great. He was brave and original. Because it is true, being in this trap known as COVID-19 can get to you. PS. The guy didn’t kill himself, he just included a rope trick at the end that had him wrapping it around his neck then magically pulling it through this area.

A Story?

If you decide to explore the links below, we suggest you look at them in order. An abstract tale is told in this way.

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Transformation Through Education

Exactly One Month Away Until the Soft Launch

E-Books you can read on your phone.

Welcome to the new “USA How To.” Those of you who were following us in our prior incarnation will note that now there is more focus given to the E-Book aspect.

If you haven’t already, we welcome you to rejoin using the email form, because in the process you will receive a Free Special Report giving you options for your online marketing. for your home based business. We take helping you market your passion very seriously because your success is our success!

And now it is exactly one month until our soft launch that is a preview of how we’ll be working for you in the new year. 2021 for us is going to be one of seeking out your promotional needs. And in this way help to support you in attaining your goals as a Home Business Achiever!