Dream Until It’s Your Reality

Waiting and Waiting, plus Wondering if “Creative But Broke” is the Right Title?

Yes, I confess, a part of me is waiting with anticipation to find out if my friend decides to try out the “Creative but Broke” strategy. “Creative but Broke” is the secret name I am using to name the strategy. I did not tell this to my friend because he might think that giving him a strategy called “Creative but Broke” was implying that I thought he was broke.

Are You Creative?

Quite frankly I think everyone is creative. Imagination, which every human being I have ever met has had, is proof (in my opinion) that creativity exists in all of us. Though, there are people who at least verbally, have said that they are not creative at all. Which brings up an interesting question.

“Do you consider yourself creative?”

The Answer is in How You Perceive Yourself

Some people full out say they do not have a creative bone in their body, while on the other side of the fence there are folks who embrace, even tout, their creativity.

Defining “Creativity”

Of course, I had to run to the dictionary. They have been around since 1828, so I tend to trust Merriam-Webster. They define creativity as being “the ability to create.” Then I checked in on the word “create” for which there were 4 usages, but the top one was “to bring into existence.”

Combining Two Definitions

So, merging the two definitions together makes a possible version of what creativity could be: “the ability to bring into existence.” Not very scientific, but hopefully helpful none the less. Oh, and a side note is that the first recorded of the use of the term “creativity” was in 1875 which is 47 years after Merriam-Webster was created (pun intended).

Creativity Vs. Hustle

One of the things I thought about while creating the “Creative but Broke” 9 Step Strategy was deciding between two words as being the key ingredient that you need to succeed. If being a celebrity means that you are successful (which I do not think it does), then which of these two words do you need the most: “Creativity” or “Hustle?” Especially if you are talking about show business, or fine arts etc., one might think that “Creativity” is needed most because it is closely wed with “talent.”

Watching Metamorphoses from “Behind-the-Scenes”

Decades ago, I had a unique opportunity. It was to view celebrities (the show biz kind) from an insider’s perspective, and I saw things that are usually not publicly shown. Being someone who is fascinated by psychology, motivation, drive, determination, focus, follow through and of course, strategy, I people watched for around three years. My point of view was usually from the sidelines, but sometimes I interacted as well.

Thinking About My Observations those Many Years Ago Brought Up a Question

I was even able to observe firsthand, the fascinating process of a select few go from being “nobodies” to blasting up into the stratosphere thereby transforming into “stars.” Some of them have crashed to the Earth since then, while others still glisten in the night sky. The purpose of bringing this up of course relates to the question: “which of the two are more important to making it: creativity or hustle?”

Give Back by Sharing What You Know How to Do

Know Your Workshop’s Audience

If you are putting together a “How To” experience of some kind, one of the best ways to start this process is to take a look at your participants and what their needs are. Even if you are not teaching a pre-existing group, you can still gain insight into what those who you will be leading will be like. In much the same way as a movie is made to fit a specific audience, you need to do so when you are putting together a workshop.

Understand Your Students’ Needs

Are your students older, younger or inbetween? What do they do as a living? How does this have an affect on who they are? What approach will be the best to serve them? Will they want to be free to be creative? Or will they respond better to a very specific structure?

You Need to Be Clear Throughout

Something that can make your job easier is from the very beginning have a sense of purpose regarding your workshop. This focus will assist you in making or deleting ideas, because you can always go back to the purpose to help you answer the tough questions. And the great thing is, your workshop can have an arts oriented goal or can be to provide education for some specific branch of business. Both objectives benefit from you having a clear cut path by which to help students find what they are looking for.

HOW TO Bring Back the Dead

Can you become more cosmic?

Full discloser, I am a magician, a conjurer a prestidigitator and so on. I make magical things happen but always explain to my audiences that my performances are illusions, not reality. Funny thing is though, most of us live with illusions. Illusions about who we are, illusions of who we could become.

Depression and Anxiety

But that’s okay. Because it helps you hang on and unlike some of us, avoid not fall into the quicksand of depression and anxiety.

Gum Chewing

For some reason I get tense when people chew gum. Especially while talking and crunching it in their mouth at the same time. It probably comes from directing a myriad of actors, some of whom I’d have to have get rid of their Trident when acting.

Missed the Séance

Sadly, I missed the recent virtual and live Harry Houdini séance on the day of his death on October 31st from his gravesite in Queens, Houdini said that when he died he would come back if he could. I bring up Harry because he apparently was delusional, with many inflated ideas of who he was. But an avid reader of Houdini biographies starting at age 8, I learned how he was able to pick himself up despite setbacks of which there were many. He ultimately beat them all one at a time.

Harry Has Yet to Come Back from Beyond the Grave

These seances happen every year and I attend them when I can. They occur either here in Manhattan, where he lived when he was alive, or as mentioned in the borough of Queens where he is buried. I need to be more mindful when trying to conjure up Erik Weisz (his real name). I guess it is time to start chewing gum.

The View of New York City

The Threat of Violence

Our special city has been undergoing changes, some of which are not good, while other aspects are as flourishing as ever. It is a tough time being a New Yorker with the new layers not only including the Pandemic but also the worry about personal safety.

Although not positive, it used to be that gangs only fought with each other. Now their frustration has built as it has for all of us, but the result now can be violence.

The Flight from NYC

All across America we must be vigilant with keeping our homes secure. Manhattan has lost a lot of folks who took flight out of fear of the changes we have been experiencing.

The Big Day Has Arrived

This is the day that many of us have been waiting for. The day when we get to come together as a nation and cast our votes. Depending on where you live in turn reflects the difference. For example you may live in a state, town or city that historically has voted in a particular way that is not aligned with your belief system.

You can make a difference in this scenario by casting your vote and reminding other like minded people to do as well. And if you turn it into a revolution all the better.

But even if you live in an area that usually has mass turnout for elections that elect those you believe are best, you still should vote. Securing a win in your state, town or city starts with you showing up the polls.

Manhattan Coronavirus

The Magic Billionaire Explosion

Explosion? Either way magicians are on fire!

We realize we dropped the ball a bit not letting you in on the results of the soft launch we did on October 1st. It didn’t seem to quite be the right fit for next steps. Subsequently, we are working toward our next blastoff that will be on December 1. Remember, we are in the pre beta stage with beta starting on January 1, 2021. Thanks for your patience.

Now here are three unusual entries . They are all being excerpted from an eBook being written by a magician on the topic of getting on your billionaire path.

Here they are:

Manhattan Magician

Marketer Magician

USA Magicians

How To eLearning

Thrive in the Pandemic

There is a lot of confusion about the role that USAhowto.com plays in bringing you “how to” educational programing to learn a variety of things, all unified as being the means to help small businesses and home business to thrive during the Pandemic.

More Than Just Digital Transformation

USA How To is an organization that is mostly engaged in the procedure of acting as a sounding board for businesses to digitally transform, much like USA Go Digital. The difference is that USA How is more multifaceted, serving businesses with consulting on a variety of topics beyond focusing just on transformation.


It is a known fact that USA How To works closely with other consulting services, especially on larger projects. Partnerships exist between USA How To including Home Business Digital. USA How To is also known to work with Home Business eLearning.